Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Guy Who Pulled Off The Not-So-Skinny Jeans.... Daniel, Manila

Photographer/Stylist: Riva Valencia
Aviators: Gene Eric
Jacket: Zara
Tie: Topman
Top: Hanes Basic Tee
Jeans: Lee
Shoes: Advan


Daniel Ernest L. said...


SHEENA said...


Vitori Thinks said...

Thanks Sheena and Daniel Ernest(The Model)... =)

appy said...

tori bebe, =) loving your page!!!!! =) i miss you more than ever=) come home soon, there is so many fashion ICON here in dumaguete especially in the campus.... ilove u!

Vitori Thinks said...

appy.... wah!!! I love you... I will go home with Mica so we can take better photos of these fashion ICONS!!! =) I know I've been stuck in this place for so long... =) I miss you... =)

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